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Bicycles I raced and recommend

Fahrräder, die ich gefahren habe und empfehle

Merlin Bikes, USA

Alan Bicycles, Padova, Italy

Eddy Merckx Bicycles, Meise, Belgium

Öl Gemälde
Meistens in Vorschritt.
most in progress.
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My Website. I'll be updating as time goes on. Check back regularly for updates and new art and music.

Meine Website. Ich aktualisiere sie regelmäßig. Kommt  zurück, für Neuigkeiten, Kunst, Musik und mehr. Bis dann, viel Spaß!


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Ride a bike you'll feel better...

Good reasons to ride a bike:
1. You'll be healthier
2. Save gas money
3. Save wear and tear on the car
4. Less traffic on the roads
5. Costs less to maintain a bike than a car
6. Gives you an excuse to buy a wicked cool bicycle


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