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English training-Englisch Unterrichten

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Merlin Bikes, USA

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What are the most common mistakes by Native German speakers of English
using past perfect for finished time.
I have gone fishing last weekend. WRONG!
I went  fishing last weekend.
even worse:
I was going fishing last weekend.
never use past continuous to talk about finished events, it is used ONLY in one specific situation, no where else.
in the near of
it doesn't work as a noun in English.
you should say
in the area of,
or just
3. Present perfect is ALWAYS created with the verb to have, never to be
4. friends of me
Friends of mine. yours ours theirs etc...
By and until are not the same thing. See Murphy's book on Cambridge grammar, unit 109 for the best example I have ever seen of this as explained to second language learners.
English words are usually stressed on the first or second syllable. That is very important for understanding. try to get the stresses right, but remember your accent isn't a problem.( in fact, many times an accent sounds really cool... ;-)
Read in English as much as you can. there is no quicker way to build passive vocabulary and an intuitive sense of grammar. EVERY STUDENT THAT SPEAKS EXCELLENT ENGLISH I KNOW DOES THIS!!!! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SPEAK BETTER ENGLISH, READ BOOKS IN ENGLISH. I don't care WHAT you read, but read something!!!!
(and playboy might have fun pictures, but the English in there is usually written at a VERY high level of vocabulary and understanding....)
Anything to do with time goes at the end or the beginning of a sentence. Never in the middle.
Resources for Practicing and using English:
There are more resources than ever for studying and practicing English. Here are recommendations from myself and others on ways to quickly improve your English..
Make grocery lists in English
Make your to do list in English
Keep a diary in English
Read the magazines  Spot on, Spotlight, Business Spotlight, and Engineer  for 30 minutes a day. Reading builds passive vocabulary quicker than any other method.
Read Penguin easy readers.
I will include links to these books shortly...
Read  English newspapers. Start with the Sun if you are at A2 level.
Read English novels if you level is good enough.
Get an electronic dictionary. you will never go back to paper.
Watch movies in English with German subtitles.

You can contact me at: christopherrehm@web.de

Ride a bike you'll feel better...

Good reasons to ride a bike:
1. You'll be healthier
2. Save gas money
3. Save wear and tear on the car
4. Less traffic on the roads
5. Costs less to maintain a bike than a car
6. Gives you an excuse to buy a wicked cool bicycle


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