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11 Miles West of Nowhere Records


Cycling stories, Poetry, and other writings -Fahrräder geschickte, poesie, und andere


English training-Englisch Unterrichten

Biking Links:

Fahrräder linken:

Team Quad
Quad Cycles Shop
Cycling News
Velo News

Bicycles I raced and recommend

Fahrräder, die ich habe gerennt und empfehlen

Merlin Bikes, USA

Alan Bicycles, Padova, Italy

Eddy Merckx Bicycles, Meise, Belgium



English Training.

see my business website for information on english lessons.



English learning tools, charts, graphics:

    tenses diagram

    example sentences

    story with tenses

Link to Wikipedia page on baseball slang in the English language

a short article on helping verbs

good site on various aspects of grammar


English tips-- quick ways to speak better more fluid English.


Remember, free reading is the fastest way to really improve your command of english. Here are some sources for reading material that is free, on the web.

English links:


The Easy English Times.

365 ESL short stories for Learners

Stories for kids and the young at heart

BBC English materials

The cyber listening lab

more short stories for practice

and more stories for practice

project gutenburg, 10s of thousands of FREE books to read in english

link to site with other free ebooks, from all over the world. more than 100k books available here.

My Website. I'll be updating as time goes on. Check back regularly for updates and new art and music.

Meine Website. Ich werde sie häufig aktualisieren. Komm euch zuruck, für Neuigkeiten,Kunst, Musik und mehr. Bis dann, viel Spaß!


You can contact me at: christopherrehm@web.de


Ride a bike you'll feel better...

Good reasons to ride a bike:
1. You'll be healthier
2. Save gas money
3. Save wear and tear on the car
4. Less traffic on the roads
5. Costs less to maintain a bike than a car
6. Gives you an excuse to buy a wicked cool bicycle


my space page:

Garageband site for my music