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Apr 27
back from holland. It was a nice trip, did a few good drawings and a little watercolor sketch.
I have reached the point where im just tired of discussing the political situation ( and economic situation therefrom) that exists in the US. its a waste of time. right now there are no real left wing progessive leaders there, and the entire policy debate is between the right wing ( the democrats) and the extreme right wing. America is clearly in a serious downward spiral, and no one, NO ONE wants to deal with the facts. there are far too many vested interests in perserving the system for as long as possible for their own profit, regardless of large effects on the country. when you have a system that is based solely on individualism you do not have a society, you have the law of the jungle. and you will have the outcomes you would expect from that. at this point i really feel america crossed the point of no return years, perhaps decades ago. it isnt coming back. maybe in a generation or 2 things will change, after the system fully collapses. until then expect more neo conservativism, the destruction of what little social compact exists with the populace, more ignorance spread by religous morons, and eventual economic collapse. so be it.
Apr 16th
interesting developments. as always. we will see what happens next.
looking to make a few changes. better balance... and working on an english textbook.
Mar 6th
well the week got better as things went along. it took a few days to get that horrid image out of my head. and its going to be a long time before i eat red meat again. i managed to do some drawing and reading. felt good. very tired tonite. long week. too much stress. at least the weather is getting better, finally..
people who have depression should seek professional help. suicide is no answer.
Ive pretty much given up reading about american politics. its too disheartening. they keep digging deeper holes for themselves, and no one seems to want to apply any logic or reason to the situation. no one wants to admit that supply side economics isnt working for the vast majority of people. until that changes very little else will.
Feb 28th.
 I saw someone run over by a train today. it was horrible. please people be careful around huge fast moving objects... really..no one and i mean no one should have to die like that.
Feb 20th
whats happening in the midde east is going to have a massive impact on the world as a whole. the rebellions there are just the beginning: I think this is going to be a very long term process, and at the end of it you are going to see a very very different middle east. and no it wont be a democracy like anything in europe or america. but it will be some kind of system that is more fair to the average  citizen living in those countries. its also going to be a long bloody process. its sad that in this day and age, this is still necessasary.  its also highly dissapointing that america has done little or nothing to pressure the dictators these people are rebelling against. america made pacts with the devil in the short term interest of american foriegn policy. all i can say is what a mess.
its still cold here. but spring will be here soon. i wonder what changes the new year will bring. on many levels.
Feb 13th.
I think people are far to excited about what happened in Egypt.  It remains to be seen what kind of real change will happen in Egyptian society over the next months and years. I do not think the military will easily let go of its control of power there, and I also believe that external powers, many of which have great influence over the situation there, would prefer a dictatorship remain in place. I hope for the best, but I am not going to believe it until i see it.
The biggest effect that may occur is that we will see demonstrations and protests much like this all over the world, not only in the middle east, but also perhaps, in the western world. People are getting tired of governments run for the benefit of the rich. at some point, there is always a push back. we live in interesting times. lets hope they dont become overwhelmingly interesting.
Its true there is a lot going on in the world. unfortunately i dont see anything happening that will effect any kind of changes that the world really needs. I wish i could be more optimistic but im not buying it. the social contract with the middle and working classes is being eroded over most of the developed world. in the long term it will lead to instability and conflict, as it always has in history.
trying to focus on getting things together here, more work, and maybe eventually relocating to berlin or lepzig. or someplace else.
Im getting a little bored in Hannover and it was never a long term plan to live here.  also with the economy picking up, i think there are more options developing.
jan 23rd
well I am getting really busy again. no time to write or do anything else.  lots to write about, just no time to do it. working on the new story, lots of thoughts on many subjects. maybe sometime this week ill put something up...
jan 5th
the first thing to understand about america is that america was founded on the basis that energy ( and all natural resources) were unlimited and cheap. really cheap. at first it was wood that was used to produce energy. when that ran out, after the old growth forests were cut down, it was coal. in the late 1860s oil became the new cheap energy resourse. cheap energy, and i mean really cheap energy, as for example the first tank of gas i bought when i learned to drive which was about 8 cents a liter, meant that land was alo cheap, since you could travel long distances at a reasonable cost. therefore cheap energy led to cheap land, and cheap recovery of other resources since transportation costs were abnormally low. this created a pass thru effect in the american economy that meant everyting else was cheaper than in the old world ( where in most places the resources had been exploited for more than 50,000 years)
today there is no more cheap energy. as soon as gas creeps over 1$ a liter in the US the economy will go into immediate recession, because the infrastructure isnt designed to handle energy costs higher than that. the entire infrastructure of the US, the whole suburban concept, the ability to live alone on vast tracts of open land etc, everything is based on the concept of cheap energy. without that the system breaks down, comepletely.
ergo first american problem that people have to accept and deal with is that the old system is hopelessly outdated and must be totally redesigned and rebuilt in order to make forward progress.
Jan 4th
no news and lots of news. that seems to be the way of the world. the economy continues to improve in northern europe while it remains stagnant, at best in america. clearly the economic system there is spliting into two groups the haves and the have nots. it will not end well, of this i am sure. america refuses to see realitiy for what it is and therefore will continue to have massive problems in the future. there wont be any changing it.
the rest of the world however does seem to be making forward progress. the PIGS , the countries in southern europe are also in trouble and just like america,until they fix their respective economic systems they wont see improvement. however given the nature of euro politics at some point, sooner rather than later this will change. either they will have to take steps to fix their systems or they will leave the euro and the exchange rate change will fix it for them. america doesnt really have similar options becuase of its status as reserve currency and because when that collapses, which at some point in the next 10 years or so it will, the fall out will take a generation or more to heal. america COULD fix its problems, it just doesnt want to. read krugmann. the guy is spot on.
painting, priming canvases. looking for more and better work. enjoying life in europe. that is how one lives...
Nov 20th
sorry, ive been off line for a while. computer issues. also really busy at work. So now I am back. more updates to come shortly.
Sept 19th
America has gone insane. now you have an actual political candidate running for office, Glen Urquhart, who says that liberalism and Nazism is the same thing. The ignorance of this guy is beyond astounding. what is even more astounding is that the republican party is actually running candidates like this for public office. this man has NO grasp of history, no understanding of liberalism, social democracy, socialism, communism or Nazism. yet, one of the major political parties is actually gong to  run this guy for congress. you also this nut case, O Donnell who wants to ban masturbation, amongst other serious problems. true these are all tea baggers, this insane, off the wall right wing political movement in America, but what is frightening is that these people are actually no taking over the republican party. Many people on the political left are thrilled at the idea, thinking that this means the left wont lose as many seats in the midterm elections. personally I find it deeply disturbing, that American politics is sinking to the level of a tragical farce, right at the time when  America needs serious solutions to very serious systemic, long term problems.
I saw a statistic a while back that 44% of Americans believe the world is less than 10000 years old, and that the universe was created in 6 24 hour periods, as per a literal interpretation of genesis.  44% of Americans believe this kind of nonsense? and we wonder why America is falling apart, and generally the laughing stock of the world at this point in time.
Then you have idiots like Mike Huckabee telling people its impossible to cover pre existing conditions for insurance purposes. gee funny thing that. Living in Europe, everyone has insurance and everyone is basically covered for everything. what is wrong with these idiots?
Then you got idiots like Gary Bauer, former candidate for president comparing democrats to the 911 hijackers.
isolated cases? hardly. this came from the values voter summit( a teabagger political get together. follow the link for the full report, but this you just have to see:

So, yes, you could pretty much call this gathering establishment Republican. They were there arm-in-arm with people like this guy, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer. Fischer's most recent greatest hits have been complied by PFAW.


Bryan Fischer's been on my radar for a long time, because before he moved to Mississippi for the AFA job, he led the much smaller but no less dangerous Idaho Values Alliance, where his and his organization's clout in the state legislature managed to kill an expansion of anti-discrimination laws to cover sexual orientation. He may have reached his pinnacle when he celebrated the deaths of 14 people killed in a plane crash in Montana because "among the victims were members of Bud Feldkamp’s family, including two of his daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren. Feldkamp, it turns out, is the owner of the nation’s largest privately owned, for-profit abortion chain."

But the list that PFAW complied struck me particularly was his screed on gay adoption as "a terrible, terrible, inexcusable, inhumane thing to do to children." Here's how much Bryan Fischer really cares about children. Fischer actively lobbied against a bill in the legislature that would have required licensing and set minimum safety standards for day care centers that care for four or more children who aren't family members of the operator. Here's what he opposed:

Criminal background checks, first aid and CPR training, a functioning telephone on the premises, smoke alarms, fencing around water hazards, and basic ratios of the number of adults to children.

For Fischer, typical of the American Taliban, demonizing and discriminating against gays and lesbians is the real issue, not the well-being of children. He got this bill tabled, even after the testimony from a young mother whose "5-month-old daughter suffered two broken ribs, a fractured arm, bleeding on the brain and hundreds of hemorrhages in each eye" from being abused by an unlicensed day care provider. That provider ended up with a felony conviction, but that wouldn't prevent her from providing care for children. Which was just fine by Fischer. That's some American Taliban--and unfortunately plain old' GOP--values for you.


This is pretty typical of what these people actually say and think. its racist, homophobic, misogynistic, bigoted..... I think you get the point. these people are ugly. really ugly. and Sarah Palin is bucking for the leadership of this group, and the republican presidential nomination in 2012. It worries me when I hear so many Germans who say she is a laugh, a joke and find her funny. she isn't. none of these people are. they are a serious threat not only to American liberty but to the world at large. America isn't going to recover from this anytime soon. Ill say it again, the country is doomed, and its going to collapse. at some point you are going to get a 30 years style civil war there. I just don't want to be anywhere near it when it happens. the hate of the people on the right is going to lead to extreme bloodshed.


Sept 6th
I have a to say about what's going on in the us, but no time tonight so ill make it quick. the US is finished. its about to slide of a financial and societal cliff. ill try to write up my thoughts and supporting evidence later this week...
August 22
nice evening at die lange Nacht der Kneipen, out with dirk and the GISMA  crowd. this class is really nice, a lot of v open minded, worldly people. probably the best class I've seen since I came here. nice.
lots of interesting news from the states from these people. things are still clearly in difficulty over there, and it appears there isn't much of a solution on the horizon. it deeply saddens me that American politicians both left and right are so beholden to corporate interests that the good of the average American is being thrown under the bus. this isn't the way to rebuild America, or produce good jobs etc, that will get that country back on its feet. corporate donations to politicians need to be ended asap...
August 14
had a great night with the new GISMA students last night, this class is really different, more worldly, better language skills. also its clear the depression is changing peoples attitudes in the states. I suppose every cloud has a silver lining.
Claire please contact me, I think we will both feel better. we both made mistakes. life is short, and regrets, mistakes and harsh words can be forgiven..
August 7
I had an idea for an essay, called the road back to reality. basically it will be about the path the world has taken in the last 65 years, and how we as people wandered off track, away from reality and into a world of materialism and selfishness that is now starting to crumble. the world has gone off course for about 60 years. its time to return to a more realistic way of life... the problem is so many people refuse to accept that..
not much new. made some new friends in the uni quarter, I like hanging out up there. good places good people.
im making great progress on die wanderhure... really a great read. it appears its only available in German tho...
maschseefest is in full swing, and has another week to go. reminds me of fete de geneve.
July 27
I just finished the wind in the willows last night in German. it was a great read, most complex book I have plowed thru yet. not sure what is next but I need to keep it up, its really really good for my German.
lots of idiocy in the US lately. I am not reading that much from over there any more, its simply too depressing. there was an excellent article on FT London last week about how America is in serious long term financial trouble, and how there is no way out given the dynamics of the politics over there right now. look around on Google for it.
Fährmansfest is this weekend, Ill probably go check out some bands there, good price, lots of fun.
I have been hanging out around the Uni here in Hannover, very happy with some new cafes and bistros I have found. also I have met some really nice people, and they speak better German than the people I know down around Kröpcke. its more educated, more sophisticated, and better grammar. Dirk says I need to work on that part of the language some more and also my idioms. Im also going to start working on some more french.
The summer is finally nice, the heat wave has passed and its really pleasant out now. looking forward to the rest of it and to fall.
July 22
lance is in big trouble. he just hired a lawyer to defend himself against doping charges that the federal government is investigating. I think he is finally in trouble.
I am  continually amazed at the way Americans scream sound bites at each other on the comment threads of American news services. its as if logic, and building a logical case for a position are dead. I just continue to wonder how low does America have to sink before it takes its collective head out of its ass and starts dealing with the very serious, systemic  problems that are destroying that country. as Winston Churchill said, you can always trust the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else. no truer words were ever spoken...
July 19
The middle ages festival in Bückeberg was very cool, loads of fun. I saw a great new band there, they are called Faun, check em out at www.faune.de
not much else new. the insanity of American politics never ceases to amaze me...
July 12
if you are curious how this all came about and why it worked this time and not the last, why don't you just ask me... that's the only way you are ever really going to figure it out...
heading to Bückeberg this weekend... Mittelalterfest... much fun and great music....
July 6
slow day today. but beautiful out. im going to try and take my sketchbook out and go draw for a while. its a really lovely day here, the weather is just perfect. still planning for the weekend...
maybe I can catch a bit of the tour de France today... ;-)
July 4
not much new to report. Im thinking about going to the mittelalterfest in Bückeberg next weekend. I went last year and it was a blast, great weekend of music and fun. hopefully it will come off.
im feeling a little down today. some days are like that. last week was really tough, and I think its sort of the after work letdown.
July 3
It seems to me the unemployment numbers coming out of the US are being cooked, pretty massively. Supposedly we added jobs, and the  U3 rate dropped to 9.5% but if you read the small print the labor dept claims 650k people dropped out of the work force. It looks to me like this is all hocus pocus and that really the numbers are continuing to climb. if you want a reasonable comparison to European numbers you need to use the U6 unemployment rate, which is 16.5%  realistically I think the real rate is probably over 20%. I expect things there to get worse, as the stimulus runs out and as problems in the various states kick in.  realistically I don't see any real improvement in the economy anywhere on the foreseeable horizon. America simply does not produce enough, too much has been outsourced, too many factories closed, and the American business model is simply too focused on short term profits, which  leads to poor prospects for a long term recovery. if there is a war in Iran I would kiss the prospects of any recovery goodbye for at least 5 years. I really wish I could be more optimistic, but I just don't see it, and talking to people I know  over there, I don't see any evidence that things are improving. America has a huge laundry list of problems, none of which are actually being addressed by anyone. It is a country in a deep state of denial about where it really is in the world, and what its prospects are for the next hundred years. given the state of politics over there, and the bitter divisions between republicans and everyone else, I don't see any real hope there.
Rooting for Germany today. Its going to be really hot out... close to 100.
June 26.
a rather boring news day. I have to say, reading the stuff coming out of America, I simply cannot believe the thoughtlessness of right wingers in America.  These people do not live in a factually based world, and have no sympathy for people who don't follow their party line. Ug.... when will this change?
didn't feel good today. don't know why. felt kind of down, as im still processing the info I got from my uncle about my family and also thinking of the past.
June 23.
ok no one is getting a wink of sleep in the German fatherland tonight...
June 22.
watched two v good shows at Dirks. Shameless and Weeds. very interesting series. I finally had some contact with a family member, after many years. Many of my questions have been answered. I feel more at peace than in ages. I wish that You would call me KB, I meant what I said that august morning in 2006.
There is hope. I have new information that changes most everything...including your situation. it isn't what that guy told you it was. there is a solution, that wont alter what you like the most about yourself....
and yes im pretty sure you are visiting from time to time, that's fine, I wish you would just call tho.....
June 19
I don't know why people are surprised about Joe Barton's comments. he just admitted that the republicans  are sellouts to big corporations. that was obvious 10 years ago...
Sumer time in Germany. I love it here.
I wonder who visited from Grenoble France? if you visit my site drop me a note, thanks.
June 15
I saw the saddest thing yesterday, a video tape of a pelican dying from being covered in oil in the gulf. BP has done an absolutely terrible thing by sacrificing safety for profit. They are killing millions of animals, and destroying the lives of millions of people on the Gulf Coast. and they killed 11 employees. this corporation should be shut down and its charter revoked. hopefully some of the big wigs will spend some time in jail somewhere.... tragic, really tragic..
June 14, am
I always have so many questions about so much.. I think that is what makes life interesting. Kathrine you should call me, I have a better understanding of you know. ...
June 13
Cool I am making progress on the paintings, I need to find a camera and take some new fotos...
interesting weekend. summer is here. I love summer in Germany it just rocks...I probably spend too much time figuring stuff out. I should just go with the flow more...
why are so many people in denial that their situation in life is, in a large part, due to their own actions. especially when it comes to people and relationships. we may not be able to choose the economy we live in, but we can choose how we treat others, and accept responsibility for our own actions. especially when it comes to others....
June 10
because seeing beautiful songs in new languages that im learning is just one of the most beautiful things I know...
Take on me , islandic:
Við erum að tala burt
Ég veit ekki hvað
Ég er að segja að ég segi það samt
annan dag í dag til að finna þig
Shying burt
Ég ætla að koma fyrir ást þína, allt í lagi?

Taka á mig, taka mig á
Ég skal vera farin
Í dag eða tvo

Svo Óþarfur að segja
Ég er líkur og endar
En það er ég hrasa í burtu
> Hægt að læra að lífið er í lagi.
Segja eftir mér
Það er engin betri til að vera öruggur en hryggur

Taka á mig, taka mig á
Ég skal vera farin
Í dag eða tvo

Ó það sem þú segir
Er það líf eða
Bara spila áhyggjur mínar burt
Þú ert allt það sem ég hef til
Þú ert shying burt
Ég ætla að fara koma fyrir þig engu að síður

Taka á mig, taka mig á
Ég skal vera farin
Í dag eða tvo
Kate bush: Lamour looks something like you...
(btw there is a smashing good kate bush coverband in the netherlands... rockin baby....)

Je kwam uit de nacht,
Het dragen van een masker in witte kleur.
Mijn ogen glinsterden
Op de wijn, en je aura.
Alles in orde, gaan we in het boudoir,
Maar te snel de ochtend heeft hervat.

Ik ben opknoping op de Oude Gans Maan.
Je ziet eruit als een engel,
Sleeping het af bij een station.
Was je uitsluitend door?

Ik ga dood voor je aan te raken mij,
En voel alle energie haasten recht op-en-mi.
L'amour ziet er ongeveer als jij.

De gedachte van u stuurt me rillerig.
Ik ben gekleed in kant, zeilen in een zwarte mijmering.
Mijn hart is geworpen
Om de kiezels en de binnenschippers.
Al de tijd dat ik vind Ik woon in die avond,
Met dat gevoel van plakkerige liefde binnen.

Ik ben opknoping op de Oude Gans Maan.
Je ziet eruit als een engel,
Sleeping het af bij een station.
Was je uitsluitend door?

Ik ga dood voor je aan te raken mij,

En voel alle energie haasten recht up-a-me.
L'amour ziet er ongeveer als jij.

 btw, i love speaking dutch, most beautiful language in the world... nothing else sounds so much like pirates talking...;-)


Hotel Deutschland:

Auf einer dunklen Wüste Autobahn, kühlen Wind in meinem Haar
Warme Geruch von colitas, aufsteigen durch die Luft
Bis vor in der Ferne sah ich ein schimmerndes Licht
Mein Kopf wurde schwer und meine Augen wurden feucht
Ich musste für die Nacht zu stoppen
Da stand sie in der Tür;
Ich hörte die Mission Bell
Und ich dachte mir,
"Dies könnte Himmel oder Hölle, das könnte sein"
Dann zündete sie eine Kerze und sie zeigte mir den Weg
Es gab Stimmen, den Korridor hinunter,
Ich dachte, ich hörte sie sagen ...

Herzlich Willkommen im Hotel Deutschland
Solch ein schöner Ort
Solch ein schönes Gesicht
Viel Platz im Hotel Deutschland
Jede Zeit des Jahres, können Sie es hier

Ihr Geist ist Tiffany-verflochen, bekam sie den Mercedes Kurven
Sie hat viele schöne, hübsche Jungs, dass sie Freunde nennt
Wie sie tanzen in den Hof, süßer Sommer schwitzen.
Manche tanzen zu erinnern, einige tanzen vergessen

Also rief ich den Kapitän,
"Bitte bring mir Wein"
Er sagte: "Wir hatten nicht diesen Geist hier seit 1969"
Und immer noch jene Stimmen fordern von weit her,
Sie wecken in der Mitte der Nacht
Nur um sie sagen zu hören ...

Herzlich Willkommen im Hotel Deutschland
Solch ein schöner Ort
Solch ein schönes Gesicht
Sie Livin 'It Up im Hotel Deutschland
Was für eine nette Überraschung, bringen Sie Ihre Alibis

Spiegel an der Decke,
Die rosa Champagner auf Eis
Und sie sagte: "Wir sind alle nur Gefangene hier, unserer eigenen Gerät '
Und in der Master-Kammern,
Sie versammelten sich für das Fest
Der Dolchstoß es mit ihren stählernen Messern,
Aber sie können einfach nicht töten das Tier

Letzte woran ich mich erinnere, war ich
Laufen für die Tür
Ich musste den Gang zurück zu finden
Um den Ort, wo ich war, bevor
"Relax", sagte der Nacht ein Mann,
Wir sind darauf programmiert, zu empfangen.
Sie können Kasse jederzeit möglich,
Aber man kann nie verlassen!


How to be invisible kate bush german

Ich habe ein Buch darüber, wie unsichtbar zu sein
Nehmen Sie eine Prise Schlüsselloch
Und falten Sie sich bis
Sie schneiden entlang einer gestrichelten Linie
Du glaubst, von innen nach außen
Und du bist unsichtbar

Eye of Braille
Hem der Anorak
Stem von Mauerblümchen
Hair of Fußmatte

Ich habe ein Buch darüber, wie unsichtbar zu sein
Am Rande des Labyrinths
Unter einem Schleier heben Sie dürfen nie
Seiten, die darfst du nie wieder
Im Labyrinth
Du stehst vor einem Millionen Türen
Und jeder hält eine Million mehr
> Korridore, die die Welt führen
> Des Unsichtbaren
Korridore, Twist und biegen
Korridore, Blister und brennen

Auge von Braille

Hem der Anorak
Stem von Mauerblümchen
Hair of Fußmatte
Ist das der Wind aus der Wüste Lied?
Ist das Herbstblatt fällt?
Oder ist, dass Sie nach Hause gehen?

Ist das der Wind aus der Wüste Lied?
Ist das Herbstblatt fällt?
Oder ist, dass Sie nach Hause gehen?
Ist das ein Sturm im Schwimmbad?

Man nehme eine Prise Schlüsselloch
Und falten Sie sich bis
Sie schneiden entlang einer gestrichelten Linie
Du glaubst, von innen nach außen
Sie springen 'round dreimal
Wechseln Sie in den Spiegel
Und du bist unsichtbar

you figure out this one:

Na Nun, falls du denken, du nicht weiterhin gehen kann,
> weil all dein hoffnung weg ist,
und deine leben sehr verzweifelt wird,
bis frohlichkeit nur eine Verstellung ist....
und deine Welt zerbrechen wird,
erriechen, für mich
(komm madchen)
erriechen, für mich!

ich werde da sein,
mit lieben, die
dich stürtze ich mit,
ich werde da sein
mit lieben, die
dir zulieben und zuerobern.


June 5, 2010
I am working on a long essay about what is wrong in America, and what it would take to fix it. however I don't really expect anything to get fixed over there in the long term, because the system is broken.  might be up here by Monday or so...
not much else new. We went to the big street festival on Listermiele last night, some great music and food. The weather here is finally beautiful, 25 out and Sunny. after that winter we needed it...
June 3, 2010
ok this marks the beginning of year 4 in Germany. cool... what a long strange trip its been...
got a lot of new thoughts to write about... but not tonite. I have a very early class tomorrow, and then a training session. plenty of time this weekend...
June 1, 2010
one thing that amazes me about most human beings is that they never realize what they could do by simply saying, I am sorry, I was wrong, I made a mistake, I want to do better or differently. so many people would rather hide in darkness and despair than simply say, I am sorry. to err is human. so many people forget that. we all make mistakes, everyone. forgiveness is always available, when people are truly sorry for their mistakes, and are willing to try and change, and learn from them. why do so many people prefer making the same mistakes over and over, and never admitting that they are wrong? I know, its human nature, but I will never really figure it out...
Having said that, maybe I ought to make a comment about false  apologies. there are just as many people who will say over and over again I am sorry, but never change their behavior. that is equally as bad, if not worse: using an apology as a way to manipulate someone is a really low thing to do. it shows  a complete lack of ethical character...
Posted Mai 30, 2010
What Israel did today was totally unacceptable. The Government there is behaving like thugs. Turkey should break off relations with the Israeli Government until it is replaced with something more human..
posted Mai 29, 2010
I would really like to know who is visiting my site from Aberdeen Scotland. I am guessing you like the music. whatever the reason, drop me an email, I would love to hear from you. until then all the best....
Its raining here, on and off again all day. this has been a cold spring, and it was a very hard winter... let us hope summer is better...
Posted Mai 29 2010:
wow.. does this sound familar?
The British historian Arnold J. Toynbee, in his 12-volume magnum opus A Study of History (1961), theorized that all civilizations pass through several distinct stages: genesis, growth, time of troubles, universal state, and disintegration.

Toynbee argues that the breakdown of civilizations is not caused by loss of control over the environment, over the human environment, or attacks from outside. Rather, ironically, societies that develop great expertise in problem solving become incapable of solving new problems by overdeveloping their structures for solving old ones.

The fixation on the old methods of the "Creative Minority," leads it to eventually cease to be creative and degenerates into merely a "Dominant minority" (that forces the majority to obey without meriting obedience), failing to recognize new ways of thinking. He argues that creative minorities deteriorate due to a worship of their "former self," by which they become prideful, and fail to adequately address the next challenge they face.


posted Mai 29, 2010:

There are so many things to write about. Where do I begin? The catastrophe in the gulf?  The potential for war on the Korean peninsula? Or my personal struggles to make a life here? Love lost and lost again? The sadness of watching someone you love make terrible decisions she will pay for years, probably decades, and not being able to do a thing about it? The collapse of the American empire, a land where daring to say what is really wrong will get you called a heretic, traitor and worse? What happened to real analytical, logical empirical discussion? Why can people not really examine their ideas and assumptions logically, and draw smart conclusions from them?


I have an idea. It runs thru all these themes. It is about problem solving. People who can find ways to solve problems collectively, whether in a relationship, a community, a society or a country always have a chance for a successful outcome. People who cannot solve problems collectively always fail. It is all about collective problem solving. And here lies the answer to the unsolvable problems above. If you cannot find a way to work together, if your ego is so big you think you have to win at everything, that life is a zero sum game, then you are really doomed, because you cannot solve collective problems by adversarial means. As so as you start to think this is about me winning and in order for me to win, someone else has to lose, you have lost. It is all over. And yet today that is precisely the thinking that permeates most of our world. It is all about winning, and so someone has to lose. And so they do. And in the end you end up with the law of the jungle, ill get mine, and fuck you. Which, sadly, is exactly where we are today in the world. Well at least in America. And it shows.


When I think back on our educational system, the one I spent far too much of my life in, I think that in far too many cases we ignored the idea of collective problem solving. It wasn’t even addressed really until I went to business school, and even there it remained on the win lose standard. Far too many students never saw beyond how do we do this the best for me, and never made it to the idea that their might, in the long run, be a solution that was better for the group as a whole than any solution that favored a single individual.


Most of societies problems in this day and age, are best solved through collective action, and problem solving. The problems that individuals face are far bigger than the individual themselves. So the only solution is a collective one. Unfortunately that reality hasn’t dawned on a critical mass of people yet. And we are worse off for it.


Sept 09....

So I am sitting on a train, headed back from Groningen Nederland. It’s the biggest city in the far north of the Netherlands, nice, quiet, laid back kind of town where you can have a low key weekend. One of the things I really like about Europe is that its not just the big cities that have character, in many cases, the smaller places are just as interesting, if not more so, than some of the famous places.  Groningen has a wicked cool market on Saturdays, lots of friendly people, and great scenery, it’s a lovely place to draw and paint.

The surrounding country side is great too, really no place like it on earth.


There isn’t much to report that is stunning news on my journey.  Work is going well, it seems like, and I have a few days off for Xmas. I am going to make a little tour of the Low Countries, Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg, maybe get in a taste of northern France too. One can live cheaply in the hostels here, and with a DB 50 card tickets are dirt cheap. Also there are always slower trains if you don’t mind taking a bit of time; it’s a wonderful way to see the country.


The sunset here is stunning, looking west across northern Germany, lovely shades of purple, orange, blue, grey, as the sun sets on one of the shortest days of the year. There is no more civilized way to travel than by train, in the dining car, across such a beautiful land. And there is no better place to clear ones head, and think about life, and all it has to offer, both the challenges and rewards.  The last few months haven’t been easy, but they have been rewarding, and also a wonderful time to clear my head and get some perspective on things in life.


It is very interesting being here in the winter. We get about 6 hours of daylight a day, and it’s really sort of like eternal twilight. After a while you get used to it, but it takes some getting adjusted to. But the light here in northern Europe is truly amazing, from an artistic perspective.  Really it’s just nice living somewhere where the quality of life hasn’t been ruined by cars everywhere, fast food joints, and shopping malls. Basically what Europe has that America lacks in character. Atmosphere. And the people are a lot friendlier once you speak some of the languages. People here just aren’t as aggressive as in America, and are a lot more interested in each other. What ever, different culture. Entirely. One I enjoy.


I wonder how things are in the states. I read the news; I get the sense that the economy is really looking grim. I wonder what changes this will bring for American culture in the next 10 years. Will Americans develop a new interest in their fellow people? One that is less confrontational and competitive and one that is more communal and cooperative?

One wonders. Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible, then other times it seems as though America’s culture of me first out of my way way of doing things might, just might, come to an end.  It will be interesting to see what develops. The stresses between the left and the right in America are  great, and there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of cross communication between the two. Perhaps it will change. Or not. I fear what will happen if it doesn’t, not just for America, but for everyone.



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