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Auf keinen Fall, ist das Leben eine Generalprobe
Life is not a dress rehearsal


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Rad Geschickten, Poesie, und andere Werken - Cycling Stories, Poetry and other Works

Gemälde - Paintings

Englisch Unterrichten - English Training

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Bicycles I raced and recommend

Fahrräder, die ich gefahren habe und empfehle

Merlin Bikes, USA

Alan Bicycles, Padova, Italy

Eddy Merckx Bicycles, Meise, Belgium

Billy Collins. Einer Großster Amerikaner Gedichter. Prob ihn aus!

  One of Americas Greatest poets.
Check his work out:
Walking across the Atlantic


Arthur Rimbaud

Liest ihn auch.

Read him too.

And Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Und besuch City Lights Books, jeder Beatnik muss ein mal ins Leben zu dieser heiligen Laden fahren...

And  Go visit City Lights Books, every beat needs to make it to that hollowed store once in life...

Wag immer, deine Träume zuleben. Zum Ende ist, auf keinen Fall, deine Leben ein Generalprobe. Du hast nur eine Chance....

And dare to live your dreams. After all your life is not a dress rehearsal... And you will only get to do it once...

Einige meiner Geschickten, Werken, und Poesie. Ich hoffe, du findest sie angenehmen. Mir stehen Alle unter Kopierecht. Keine stehlen, bitte.

Here are some of my stories, writings and poems. I hope you enjoy them.All of these works are copyright protected © by me, the author. Don't steal them, I'll come after ya...

My SMASHWORDS Author site can be found here!

so far I offer a book of poetry and the first part of my space opera novel. Enjoy.


Short Stories / Kurze Geschickte:


Northfield Cross Race, Sept, 2004
Wells Avenue May 2005: The Crash


Dämmerung in Wernigerode  nur ein Teil


Novels / Romanen:


 Sci Fi  The Incident at Kruger 60. 

Latest update April 2, 2013, 2/3s finished.

Memoirs A Teardrop in the German Rain




The Ride
Riding with Anna
The Break

Heer Poesie - Army Poems

 Die Liebesgedichte - The Love Poems

Ab Europa (Die Erste Residenz) - After Europe (The First Residency)

Faith In the Igloo
The Lost Girl
If you had really wanted it
Lemon Dream Machine 

Andere Werken - Other Works

Die Spanierin - The Spaniard

Meeting You
When a Bright Light Leaves

Die Madel mit den Drachen Tattoos

Es war die Tinte auf ihre Haut
Ich bin wieder da


When you are ready



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Video from Earth Grazer, Perspective...




Rythym of Souls:

Andere Bands - Other Acts:

He's Got a Way

Riddles in the Dark


My Loving Replicant

The Trainride across Io

The Trainride with the Monsters under the Bed

The Machine

Das war mit Rik Savering co-Geschrieben. Er machte die Gestaltung, und hat die Liedtext geschrieben. Sie ist live Bandaufnahme, bei Mexicono Lounge gemacht. In der Kill Devil Hills N.C. 1987.

This was coauthored with Rik Savering, he did the arrangement and wrote the lyrics. It's a live copy, done at the Mexicono Lounge at Kill Devil Hills NC, 1987

more here

Ride a bike you'll feel better...

Good reasons to ride a bike:
1. You'll be healthier
2. Save gas money
3. Save wear and tear on the car
4. Less traffic on the roads
5. Costs less to maintain a bike than a car
6. Gives you an excuse to buy a wicked cool bicycle



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