When you are ready

If you are ready

I am ready-to let it carry us

to places we cant yet see,

oceans crossing at angles in time and space

when you are ready

I am then ready too,

you know I feel safe

when I stand by you.

Your energy flows with loving light

it radiates so bright

dispelling all doubts swirling in the twilight

when you are ready

we can soar with the eagles

feel our wings spread wide across the sky

in red and purple and yellow heavens

wind rushing cool and crisp beneath

a polished knife sharp featheréd wing

we swoop low across the plain

that opens fore

into storm clouds, dark and forbidding

and the light shines like a star beam

and slices the darkness clear thru

claws reach fore

air rushing cold below

my eye pierces yours and yours mine

we wheel and dive

rushing faster

down down down down down

then slowly the feathers flex oh so lightly

and we cut a long smooth curve across a darkenéd plain

now the peaks tower beside us, ice glowing in the night

stars glimmer and wink

the air

its cold and still, as the wings we fly slice the night

the air is think and soft, so easy is the glide

fore opens onto us the great cliffs

and the plains of the low

and the sea beyond

feathers cut air

as the sharpest Damascus steel

wing tips touch

and the light flashes across the plains once again

and thunder cracks the night sky

cold wind streams under wings

and sky opens wide

when you are ready

I am too, ready to fly

wanting, waiting, hoping to fly.




















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