My Shimmering Paradise




Paradise, glowing glimmering, streaming, shimmering paradise,

Im seeking that slithering spice,

My shimmering paradise, where I can inhale my loves sweet breath

Slithering past, hiding from death

Caramel pearls upon your silky skin

I can feel your soul opening in

Dying always seemed so fair and loving,

Loving is so eternally becoming,

I can smell sweet spice in your hair

Entwined by love, shimmering fair,

Once, twice, yet more again,

Falling ever falling, no more stalling,

Backwards falling losing all my air

Loves breath in my lungs

And how, sweet lover

My wings are opening

Spreading long and wide

My dive is beginning

And now the rush I feel

As the wind rushes by my skin

Come dearest love come let me in

How did you touch me such

I think you protest your innocence too much

Were flying across the open plain

Oceans beneath us our wings are cutting

Like swords unfurled,

Carving, caressing, magic love

In the hot summer air

Rushing thru the atmosphere

Falling, tumbling, roaring down

Descending once, now and forever

Into this darkness, warm and sweet and fair

Like condors off the coast,

Swirling thru the summer air

My Wings are wide open

And we are streaming, streaking on down

Love is swirling all around

Feeling the power of love

Speed increasing, overdrive we are reaching,

Soaring on our wings

Coming down down down

Sweet suffocation in each others aura

Terminal speed,

Rushing thru the air

One together love

We are there

One together love