On the move again


We are on the move again

The jungle is pressing in

Water drips a drop a piece

And parrot in the distance screech

A line thin and spindly moves down thru the mangrove

Of men tall and thin in green and grey

Silently we move thru the triple canopy

With faces dark with camouflage

And hearts that beat triple time

One step left then two straight

We shuffle silently thru the shadow

We are on the move again

Somewhere a howler monkey screeches in the doom

Somewhere an eyelash viper slithers in the gloom

We move like ghosts thru the heavy air

Like apparitions who were never really there

We are on the move again

Across the humid rotting land

Our boots fall silent on the dirt

And leave a print in muddy earth

So thick is the growth around

It covers all our tracks on the ground

We are on the move again

Rifles pointed left and right

And eyes wide open  all around

We step so quietly thru the rotting growth

Looking for twins of ours

Our fatal twins who are on the move again.

We are all

On the move again