Off the edge


I have no where left to run

And no where left to hide

No warmth from the summer sun

No one left to hold my sigh

Itís all coming back at once

All slamming home right now


I was so secure

So completely, so confidently

I put the stones into the wall

So carefully and methodically

It was solid safe and high

I thought the ground on which it stood

Was solid, safe and firm and dry


How wrong I was

One look a glance

It really was just one quick look

And once it was done

Once again the wall was gone

Vaporized was its final state

Paralyzed on sight

I stand here hopelessly

It far to late now

My heart torn from left to right


Slipping off the edge of time

Im falling now in empty space

This longings back the numbers prime

Once again I lost the lonely race