Paradise in a burning village.


We went to the village today

With guns and grenades and claymores and plenty of C4

We came thru the back side, by the stream by the mangrove

Thru the mangrove  we stalked them, one by one

While the bugs and birds and alligators  watched

Thru the mangrove, one by one

To the village


The people had all gone many days before

No future here for them anymore

Gone away gone away the people have gone

All that’s left is the village

Silent, creaking and alone


We moved with great speed as the demolition began

Burning   the grass houses  all and one

The flames shot forth like fireworks galore

Burning all their homes and belongings

Scorching the earth one by one

My privates tore thru the huts apiece

Grinning and laughing, of course, its Halloween

Its here they found it, what they  long desired,

Paradise in a burning village, Paradise  in the fire

Who would have thought it was there to find

Paradise in a burning village

Its breaking my heart

Its breaking my mind

Its breaking my soul

Im crying in the wind

my tears are lost in the dust.