Midnight in Cyprus


Its midnight, by the moonlight ,

On the beach the waves wash over us so very gently-

Softly, caressingly, lovingly, maddeningly,

Like your love washing over me

I can see by the moonlight

The sparkle in your eyes

The moonbeams on your hair

Silky skin warm and glowing

Love so pure its liquid starlight

The sand so warm, your skin so close to mine

Midnight in Cyprus

Love is pouring over my soul

Cascading over my hands and eyes

Midnight in Cyprus

Loving you by the moonlight

Midnight in Cyprus

Iím melting away in the arms of my love

My soul dissolving in the warm water

Pouring thru the sand

Running out to sea

Liquid starlight streaming down all around me

And washing over the sand, setting us free

Its midnight in Cyprus

If only we could be like this forever

If only two souls could merge together

Its midnight in Cyprus

And on the beach with you

Iím all at one with you

You inside me

And me inside of you

Nothing can be more true


Midnight in Cyprus

By the moonlight in the garden,

The roses blooming all around

The scent of your hair

Green garden in the golden moonbeams tonite

Your white gown shimmers in the light

And the sparkle in your eyes

Made me a grateful prisoner of yours for life

The reeds wave so gently

Your hand in mine

The wind so gentle in your hair

Stardust sprinkling on us this wonderful night

You pull me closer

My lips on yours

Inside you my love

One to one

Perfection in the moonlight

Iím sharing one breath with you

Our eyes sparkling in the shadowy light

One to one

Together again tonite

Iím your prisoner for eternity

Please, donít ever set me free

For it would just kill me

Slay me and tear my soul completely

Like it did all those years ago

Please donít ever let me go

Midnight in Cyprus


Midnight in Cyprus

Sitting by the window wind drifting by

Your naked skin next to mine

Your lips pressed to mine

Once again I can feel your soul inside of mine

God Almighty,maker of space and time

How did you create a love like this

How can it be these dreamy creamy kisses

On the window by the billowy moonbeams

On the salty windy sea

Starlight streaming around

Our love streaming on down

Midnight in Cyprus

I can smell the sea

And the flowers in the breeze

Your skin touching me so gently

Midnight in Cyprus

By the glowing candles

We are alone just you and me and eternity

A full house in our souls

One to One

One into One

Unity in the moonlight

It feels so right

So completely right

A new life comes forth tonite

Midnight in Cyprus



















Now and foreverÖ..