The Meeting

I finally met someone who appears to be so much like me

in so many ways.

Now the question presents itself

do I take the path few others would dare?

But then does she know me?

Because if she does, and I believe she does

there is only one answer

the affirmative

temptation isnt always bad

sometimes its the key

to follow your passion to its final end

and commit all your heart and soul

the great philosophers always knew this

and so do I

and so does she

life never remains the same,

tho the songs may do so,

its always a kaliediscope of posibilities

and no matter that the kaliediscope has only a dozen or so crystals

because all artists know

that a dozen colors, properly mixed, can describe the world

what colors would you chose to describe me I wonder

and what colors lie deep within your soul

god willing, we shall discover both answers




















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